My name is Paul Galatis. I'm an entrepreneur and Galatis Group is the vehicle through which I explore various business endeavours - from starting new companies to consulting and sharing stories of my experiences to date. Design has played a pivotal role in my business life and I still enjoy and have the privilege of working with a small number of clients on specific design projects.

The Galatis Group name was born years ago in a moment of overzealous, youth-fuelled enthusiasm when I convinced myself that referring to me, myself and I in the plural was a good idea. But for now, I can assure you, it's still only me. Below is a little info on the ventures I'm currently engaged in.


In 2008 I joined Yuppiechef.com as a partner & director. It is an e-commerce business my two friends Andrew Smith and Shane Dryden started in 2006. Over the past seven years we have grown the business from a team of four to a team of more than eighty-five employees today. In that time Yuppiechef.com has become South Africa's most highly awarded e-commerce store, having won Best eCommerce Site every year from 2010 - 2014 at the South African eCommerce Awards.

We've learnt many lessons along the way. Our journey of having taken an e-commerce idea from inception through to full scale operation makes our experience somewhat unique. In addition to immersing ourselves in the full gamut of the e-commerce landscape including design, development, marketing, customer service, social media and e-commerce operations, we've spent many hours exploring what is required to build and lead great teams - and it is great teams that we believe are the building blocks of all great businesses. We were also fortunate along the way to have raised funding from Tiger Global, a leading US venture capital firm. This helped fuel our growth and exposed us to an international network of leading tech companies, fundamentally altering our views on the potential of the web.

Today I'm a non-executive director at Yuppiechef.com. I spend a few days a month in the office catching up and working with individuals and teams, contributing where I can while doing my best to stay out the way of the great work being done. I can often be found telling the Yuppiechef story, be it in a lecture hall, a consulting session or to small group of interested people on a tour of our offices, where I share some of the more interesting learnings from our journey to date.


My latest venture is a business called The Names & Faces Company. We make simple, visual contact directories for organisations, special groups and schools to help the people within them get to know their peers and make contact. This is not a new communication tool. It is not another social network. The world knows we don't need another one of those. It is simply an attempt to revive the neglected staff directories of old that today live in depths of most organisations' clunky, inaccessible intranets. Find out more about what we do here.

Society, capital and pathways to prosperity

South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world. This inequality poses a significant threat to all of us who enjoy South Africa today. In discussion with my peers, it has surprised me to discover how little we, as individuals and businesses, have been doing to address this challenge. As a response, I have begun a project called Uplift Theory. Through it we are exploring ways to provide access to capital coupled with viable business pathways for use of that capital to create meaningful change in people's capacity to improve their lives and those of the people around them.

Contact me

If you'd like to get in touch to share ideas on any of the above, explore the possibility of working together, hear stories or compare battle wounds, feel free to drop me a line. I regularly spend anything from a handful of hours to a handful of days discussing interesting things with interesting people.

Email: paul.galatis[at]galatisgroup.com